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Thomas Piketty responds to his critics – full interview

The French economist stresses in this interview that investment in education, knowledge and technical progress are very important forces in creating economic growth and reducing inequality: But he adds that labor market institutions ought to play an important role as well
Photo: Charles Platiau

Photo: Charles Platiau

17. maj 2014

– How has your book been received in the United States compared to other countries?


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  • Claus Piculell
  • Henrik Klausen
Claus Piculell og Henrik Klausen anbefalede denne artikel


Claus Piculell

God ide med en transkription af det samlede interview - og ditto med diverse primærkilder i enten transkription eller med et rigtig dybt link. Bliv endelig ved!

Martin Burcharth

Dear Mr. Burcharth

Thank you very much for this. A few brief responses:

1. I did read the book, in full.

2. I appreciate his comment about my work.

3. No, I was not motivated by the various things he mentions (anger, etc.) . I was asked to write a review. That was the motivation.

4. On the question of what determines "r", there is a misunderstanding. I did not write that TP doesn't explain how he computed it. I wrote (or anyway, meant) that he doesn't offer a theoretical explanation for the value he reports. I believe this to be correct.

Feel free to post this as a comment, if you would like, or to pass it on to Thomas, with my respects.

James Galbraith