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Obama er ikke fjern og professoragtig

Efter valgmødet i Nashua, New Hampshire – som rapporteret i Information i dag – stoppede præsident Obama på vej til Air Force One uanmeldt på en restaurant i byen kaldt Common Man.

Ikke overraskende blev gæsterne virkelig taget på sengen ifølge denne rapport fra en medrejsende journalist ved websitet Politico, som fik lov at overvære besøget.

Det mindste man kan sige er, at Obama er en slagfærdig mand. Trods sit renommé for at være fjern og professoragtig – noget jeg personligt aldrig har tilskrevet ham – evner han let at komme ned i øjenhøjde og etablere direkte kontakt med almindelige amerikanere.

(POTUS er pressens forkortelse for President of the United States)

‘Subject: Pool report #7-OTR The Common Man‘

POTUS arrived in Merrimack, N.H. for a stop at a location of the local chain The Common Man, which the campaign notes is in location of »the former Hannah Jack Tavern, a historical building dating back to 1794 that was once the home of Matthew Thornton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.«

After taking photos with the owners POTUS started working the tables, eliciting a lot of »Oh my gosh« responses and a few claims of divine intervention to explain his arrival at their tables.

Many of the conversations were inaudible. But one woman sitting with her husband and two children grabbed his arm as he approached said, »I'm so happy with your support of women.«

»Women are always-usually ahead of the game,« Obama said.

One table was two recent grads who'd just missed getting into the rally in Nashua. »And yet it's fate. We're going to make sure that we saw each other,« Obama said.

»You can't beat daughters,« POTUS said greeting one woman and her two adult daughters.

When one said she was a 3rd grade teacher, Obama said he liked that age.

»They still love you. They're still cute. They don't talk back too much,« he said, but they're starting to think on their own, Obama said, which is nice.

He talked about the importance of building up manufacturing and teachers as people fumbled with their iPhones to take photos.

»I can't work them either,« he said.

At the bar, he smiled big at the man in the Patriots T-shirt.

»I love the Patriots - except when they're playing the Bears,« he said. »I wish you guys well, especially after the Red Sox season,« he said with a smile.

One woman asked if she could buy him a beer. He said he'll buy her one, and one for himself - he asked for a Bud Lite draft, but they offered him instead a Common Man Ale, which he took and said he liked.

»Cheers everybody. To voting. To America. It doesn't matter what party,« Obama said, clinking glasses with people all over the bar.

He asked if they knew about the White House beer.

»It--it is outstanding. Got great reviews. New York Times reviewed the beer,« Obama said. »I was going to bring you a case, but someone forgot it,« he added looking over at his staff.

Then it was time for photos. Spotting a curvy figure of a woman on one man's shirt, Obama joked that the official photo would have to blur out the »R-rated T-shirt.«

Onto the next

»What do you think of your baby having this big beard?« POTUS asked a mother drinking at the bar with her son, an engineering student who did indeed have a big black beard.

»He said if he'd known you were coming, he would have shaved,« the woman told Obama as they posed for a photo.

Greeting a couple in the next room who said they'd been married 48 years, Obama noted he'd just celebrated his 20th anniversary.

»Michelle's attitude is that it takes about 15 years to train a man. But the last five have been pretty good,« he said.

Joanne, whose birthday it is today, was at the next table. She's been trying to win a dinner with Obama through the campaign donation contest. Instead, Obama offered »a birthday hug and kiss.«

Also at that table was Kim Kojak, who's running for state representative. She told Obama that earlier she was campaigning at a dump, so meeting was a big change for the day.

»Can you sign our tablecloth and we'll keep it forever?,« Kojak said after he took a picture with him.

Pool was ushered out as POTUS was still making the rounds, but not before seeing him take a photo with a waitress who was blocked by Secret Service from making it to the servers photo (»That's okay, I'm going to be waitress of the year anyway,« she said). She was very excited, showed off her Obama campaign sticker on her shirt, and got a round of applause from her customers.

Staff lined up more supporters on the way out the door, and POTUS greet them on the way out. That included giving three boxes of presidential M&Ms to two six-year-old twins and their older brother.


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