Dokumentation: Skoleangreb

Her er nogle eksempler på efterretningsrapporter om trusler mod skoler, lærere og elever. Det fremgår ikke af rapporterne, hvilke trusler, der er gennemført eller afværget.
Her er nogle eksempler på efterretningsrapporter om trusler mod skoler, lærere og elever. Det fremgår ikke af rapporterne, hvilke trusler, der er gennemført eller afværget.
5. april 2011

Taleban advarer forældre

13. juni 2009
SCHOOL THREAT-MORGHAB Organization(s) Involved: GOVERNMENT OF AFGHANISTAN,OPPOSING MILITANT FORCES 13 JUN 2009, PRT BADGHIS INTSUM, NSI According to the BADGHIS radio, the INS has threatened to the girls if they attend to the school which is in GHARCAGHAY (NV3060). According to HUMINT sources, the threaten has been a placard opposite the school at 11JUN09 with green ink with the following text: "SINCE THIS DATE, THE GIRLS CANNOT STUDY AND IF THEY SEE THEM IN THE WAY THEY WILL KILL THEM". The placard has been removed and given to the Districts Chief in QADES. According to these sources, the responsible for this placard has been MULLAH XXX.

Planer om at forgifte skolebørn

13. juli 2007
POISONING ATTEMPT OF AFGHAN STUDENTS Organization(s) Involved: OPPOSING MILITANT FORCES 13 JUL 2007, RCW, INTSUM 194-07, NSI Poisoning attempt of Afghan students (HRT PRT C-6) According to the ANP report, a number of oppositions who are related to the Hezb-e-Islami Party and living in Shamshatoo Refugees Camp in Pakistan, have imported a great number of juice packs which have poison in their mixture to Afghanistan. The oppositions have a decision to poison the school children with the mentioned poisoned juice, in order to prevent them from going to school.

Falske skolelærere på vej til Kabul

20. maj
2008 HIG TO TARGET SCHOOL CHILDREN Organization(s) Involved: HEZB E ISLAMI GULBUDDIN 20 MAY 08, ARSIC KABUL INTSUM , (NSI) The HiG is currently in the preparatory phases of a plan to infiltrate the schools of Kabul. The organization has been training women in the Shamshatu Refugee Camp, Pakistan - the women have reportedly completed training, and are en-route to Kabul. Upon reaching Kabul, the women will apply for a teaching position through the Ministry of Education, and due to the lack of teachers in Kabul, the women will most likely be hired. Once hired, the women will await for an opportune time to either conduct an IED attack, or poison the water supply in the school. Furthermore, the women have been instructed to target children of rich or Afghan government affiliated families, for kidnapping.

Ordre til at angribe især pigeskole

2. september 2007... PREPARATION FOR ATTACKS PAGHMAN DISTRCT Organization(s) Involved: TALIBAN CENTER 07 SEP 2007, RCC HQ INTSUM 250-07, NATO ISAF/SECRET PREPARATION FOR ATTACKS IN PAGHMAN AND DEH SABZ (C 6) By the order of Maulawi XXX (phonetic, commander of TB in JALREYZ / WARDAK, NFI), YYY intruded into PISTABADAM Village / PAGHMAN / KABUL (not found on map) with 5 INS on 02 September 2007. This group has 2 remote controlled explosives. Followings below to YYY has been given order to: a. To conduct SVBIED or BBIED attacks primarily foreigners and GIRoA, b. To set fire on schools of region primarily the Girl School, c. If it is possible, to conduct assassination attacks against the chief personnel of GIRoA. They are planning to conduct these attacks in PAGHMAN on Route RED (NFDK). The leader of terrorist organization LESHKERY TAYYIBE / PAK Mewlana Idris CHATRALI has supported the TB and AQ for the last 2 years. Also, Mewlana ZZZ is loyal to this organization, lives in KABUL and conducts attacks against US Forces in north of KABUL. Mewlana ZZZ took delivery of 2 INS who came from PAK in DEH SABZ on 01 September 2007. One of them will conduct BBIED and the other one will conduct SVBIED attack against US Forces in road BAGRAM (BOTTLE) (NFDK). This information MUST NOT be disseminated to the GIRoA. G2X Comment: Maulawi XXX was reported as a TB supporter and suicide attacker facilitator active in NERKH and MAYDAN SHAHR Districts of WARDAK Province (OHR TU FHT 012/09 NOV 2006). YYY is almost certainly the same as YYY reported as member of the twelve-headed HIG council in the SAROWBI District (KABUL MULTI-NATIONAL BRIGADE Threat Assessment 18 May 04). LESHKERY TAYYIBE (also met as LASHKAR-I TAYYEBA) is a fundamentalist movement from PAKISTAN. Before 2001 it was well organized and armed, and it had some training centers for mujahedins from all world. It was the most serious challenge to the Indian armed forces, being responsible for several attacks in KASHMIR, killing a large number of Indian soldiers, as well as civilians, both Hindu as well as Muslim. In the past it trained mujahedins for all Islamic movements: AFGHANISTAN, BOSNIA, CHECHNYA, KOSOVO, PHILIPPINES and KASHMIR but after 2001, US pressed PAKISTAN to take measures against terrorist organizations, including LASHKAR-I TAYYEBA. It is presumed that the funds are provided by ISI (RCC G2X HUMINT SUMMARY 20070503; 20070327). Mewlana Idris CHATRALI is very likely the same as Edris CHATRALI, mentioned as member of the same organization and involved in planning of suicide attacks in universities from KABUL, HERAT and MAZAR-I SHERRIF (RCC G2X HUMINT SUMMARY 20070515). Mewlana ZZZ was reported (a different contact) as being the guide and the commander of the suicide attacker with SVBIED to the entrance of BAGRAM Airfield on 27th of February 2007. According to the same contact, at that time he had some other 2-3 members of the same organizations ready for conducting suicide attacks in QAREH BAGH district of KABUL and additionally in KUHI-e SAFI, DEH SABZ and on roads from KABUL to BAGRAM (RCC G2X HUMINT SUMMARY 20070309). END G2 ASSESSEMENT: The influx of OMF from bordering WARDAK province is very likely. As we know from reports received there is reinforcement action of OMF ongoing. They are trying to establish "safe heavens" and their next aim is to plan activities in neighboring KABUL province or just support INS in this area. The current situation in PAGMAN district remains quiet due to SAYYAF influence. However recently there were some reports that may indicate that SAYYAF loose control over some subordinated commanders in the region. It is connected probably to financial reasons. Some of the his commanders know that they can get more money if they will provide kidnapping actions using their network or just cooperate with OMF who pay money for terrorist activities. If SAYYAF will not manage this situation it is very likely that some attacks will occur in the future.

Skoleangreb vil fortsætte

5. juli 2006.... INSURGENT TARGETING EDUCATION STRUCTURE Organization(s) Involved: TALIBAN 05 JUL 2006, CFC-A, CJ2 Fusion Cell Report 5 July 2006, NIS INSURGENT TARGETING OF THE EDUCATION INFRASTRUCTURE (S//REL) Executive Summary: Attacks on schools are exponentially increasing as part of an overall increase in activity by insurgents against the Government of Afghanistan (GoA), Coalition Forces (CF), Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), and the United Nations/Non-Governmental Organizations (UN/NGOs). Insurgent groups will continue to target schools in an effort to gain key Information Operations (IO) victories by highlighting the inability of the GoA to provide adequate security for its children.

Dusør for skoleangreb I:

19. april 2005... Possible attacks planned in Sorubi Organization(s) Involved: HEZB E ISLAMI GULBUDDIN Possible Attacks In Surobi (NATO/ISAF SECRET) A person called XXX, son of YYY, possibly living in Chenari Village (445 185), was tasked by a person named Kashmir Khan, to attack a girl's school in Surobi District and the power pylons along the Road Crimson. The reward for an attack against the school is 45000 Afghani and for the power pylons, 10000 Afghani.

Dusør for skoleangreb II:

4. juni 2006... REWARDS FOR KILLING SCHOOL PERSONNEL Organization(s) Involved: TALIBAN NORTH,TALIBAN 07 JUN 2006, PRT MES INTSUM 549: N/I S REWARDS FOR KILLING SCHOOL PERSONNEL (PRT MeS G2 INTSUM 07 Jun 06) (N/I S) A HUMINT source stated Gulbuddin and Mullah OMAR have declared that the one who kills a principal or a teacher will receive 10-20 000 Afs. (PRT MeS MX 04 JUN 06) (Source grading: C6)

Dusør for skoleangreb III:

14. august 2006.... TB PLANS ATTACKS IN SAMANGAN Organization(s) Involved: TALIBAN NORTH 12 AUG 2006, PRT MES INTSUM 613, NIS TB suspected to arrange attacks in AYBAK (PRT MeS G2 INTSUM 12 Aug 06) (N/I S) PRT MeS MOT received information from C NDS that TB has tasked a man to launch a rocket in AYBAK city. The purpose is political, to show that they are active in the city. The rocket should hit the city and it doesn’t matter where it hits. When this is heard on radio, they will pay 10000 USD to the perpetrator. (N/I S) PRT MeS MOT states that another man is tasked to burn a school and when this is reported in media, he will be given 10000 USD. He has to provide the fuel by himself. (PRT MeS LIREP 09 Aug 06) (N/I S) PRT MeS G2 Comment: Chief NDS SAMANGAN province, HEBADULLAH

Betaling for afbrænding af skoler

10. oktober 2007... THREAT OF RCIED ATTACK AND SCHOOL ATTACK Organization(s) Involved: TALIBAN CENTER 23 OCT 2007, RCC INTSUM 296-07, NSI By the order of Maulawi XXX, 5 INS intruded into KHODJA MISAFIR (phonetic, NFI) / PAGHMAN / KABUL under the command of YYY (phonetic, NFI) on 10 OCTOBER 2007. All of INS were born in PAGHMAN / KABUL and they have 2 RCIED and 400,000 afghani (approximately 4000$). Firstly, they are planning to conduct RCIED attacks against foreigners in that region. Also they will distribute some money to LN IOT start fires in girl schools in that region (NFDK).

Trusler mod lærere

15. august 2007... THREAT TO TEACHERS IN KOSHAN DISTRICT Organization(s) Involved: OPPOSING MILITANT FORCES 15 AUG 2007, RCW INTSUM 227/07, NSI (NATO/ISAF CONFIDENTIAL) INS threat against teachers at Islam Qala school, Kohsan district, Herat province. (HUMINT SUMMARY C-3) (NATO/ISAF CONFIDENTIAL) INFORMATION: On 09AUG07, a leaflet was handed out at the Islam Qala school (41S LU 23 38), in Kohsan district, Herat province. The leaflet reported a message from INS with explicit threats to school teachers (see attachment). (NATO/ISAF CONFIDENTIAL) CONTACT COMMENT: Some days ago, INS sent a leaflet to Islam Qala school, warning all teachers but with particular reference to the responsible of female courses. Personnel from help NGO field office, who finance some English courses, informed their head office in Kabul and are waiting instructions; it seems that help will continue with this project. The leaflet contains threats to all women who take part in the English courses: particular reference was made to the female school head master Mr. XXX (NFI). The manager of energy power department, in a similar situation, also received threats by INS. The leaflet was signed by mullah YYY (NFI) a name never heard of before in Islam Qala. (NATO/ISAF CONFIDENTIAL) LEAFLET TRANSLATION: In the name of god. A warning from Taleban of Afghanistan to teachers of Islam Qala School and especially to the women who must avoid to participate to the English language Courses and all NGOs. Otherwise, if you do not stop your programs, seriously something will be done against you. Especially the female head master of School will be seriously threatened. If from tomorrow any of your teachers will attend the English course, you will be beheaded like dogs as this action could be a lesson for the others. By MULLAH YYY

Trussel mod Undervisningsministeriet

30. april 2009... THREAT AGAINST THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Organization(s) Involved: 0-ISAF,AFGHAN NATIONAL POLICE,MINISTRY OF EDUCATION,OPPOSING MILITANT FORCES 30 APR 2009, RC(S) INTSUM 20053, NSI On 27 Apr 09, ISAF personnel met the Minister of Education for KANDAHAR City. He stated that he is concerned with security for the Ministry of Education building and the three schools around the immediate area. From his point of view, these schools are more of a target than others as they are in an area of interest and an attack in this area would have more impact than on other schools. He asked the Chief of Police (BGEN MAITULLAH KHAN) for five ANP to guard the Ministry of Education and five for each of the three schools, until the school year finishes in about two weeks. He has only received four ANP for the Ministry of Education as yet. He would like ISAF to put pressure on the CoP to provide more ANP patrols around this area and to block the street every school day during the ingress and egress of students. He also wants ISAF to provide barbed wire to put on top of the walls surrounding the schools until a permanent solution to extend the walls can be found. He realises that schools should not become fortresses.

Efterretninger fra Afghanistan

Information har fået adgang til 14.821 amerikanske efterretningsrapporter fra krigen i Afghanistan. Rapporterne er såkaldte threat reports – trusselsrapporter, som indeholder forskellige typer af efterretninger baseret på oplysninger fra kilder eller elektronisk overvågning.

De 14.821 efterretningsrapporter er en del af de såkaldte afghanske krigslogs, som whistleblower-netværket Wikileaks offentliggjorde i sommeren 2010. Ved den lejlighed valgte Wikileaks at tilbageholde de 14.821 efterretningsrapporter med den begrundelse at de indeholdt navne på spioner og informanter.

En håndfuld medier, heriblandt The Guardian, Der Spiegel og New York Times fik alligevel adgang til efterretningsrapporterne, men har også valgt ikke at offentliggøre dem i deres helhed.

Information offentliggør af samme grund kun de rapporter, som er relevante for vores journalistiske behandling af stoffet.

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