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NSA ‘third party’ partners tap the Internet backbone in global surveillance program

’Third parties’ give NSA access to international fiber-optic cables, sharing massive amounts of phone and Internet data, new Snowden documents show. Germany and, by all accounts, Denmark, are among the partners in the NSA mass surveillance program codenamed RAMPART-A.
19. juni 2014

Reported in collaboration with The Intercept

Top-secret NSA documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden provide insight into a new and controversial chapter in the NSA's global mass surveillance plot. Under the codename RAMPART-A, ‘third party’ countries tap fiber optic cables carrying the majority of the world's electronic communications in collaboration with the NSA. These partnerships are among the NSAs closest-guarded secrets, and play a central role in the NSA’s ambition to be able to intercept any electronic communication, anywhere in the world.


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